Wild Bill The Argentine Packhorse

Wild Bill, you crazy bastard
Wild Bill, you crazy bastard

I thought I was crazy.

And then I met Wild Bill, 38, from Argentina. Wild Bill and I are staying together at Boo de Pielagos, with Jesus, our host through warm showers  (couch surfing for cyclists). This is the story of one man, his solar powered e-bike, and his insane ping-pong table sized trailer that he uses to haul his life, including a mobile kitchen and a guitar.

When I was contemplating the logistics of carrying a surfboard on my bike, people said, what about the wind, it’ll blow you right over! Or as my friend Murray said, “Can we get a video of you on the first windy day when a big lorry passes you?”

I came very close to pulling the pin on the whole caper, almost convinced that the skeptics were right.

Now that I’ve met Wild Bill The Argentine Packhorse, I feel much more secure in my madness.

When I met Wild Bill, and saw his emission-friendly, herculean-hauler, I said, “Wild Bill, tell me, why are you doing this, is it an experiment? Or a business venture for electronic bikes?”

“No,” Wild Bill said. “For fun.”

Wild Bill can travel 40 kilometers per battery and the solar panels on the top of his trailer recharge his two batteries as he travels.

Now, the tables had turned, and I had became the hair-wrenching, hand-wringing skeptic.

“Bill,” I said, “What about the brakes? I mean, how do you stop when you’re going downhill in the rain?”

Wild Bill said he has all-round disc brakes and a third brake lever mounted on his handle bars for the brake on his trailer.


If you’re like me, perhaps you’re wondering, how the hell does Wild Bill attach such a brobdingnagian load to his Scott mountain bike? Well, Wild Bill uses a car-sized Thule trailer hitch that connects his bike’s chain stays and rear axle.

Wild Bill that’s one hell of of a hitchin’ post.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a photo, but Wild Bill has loaded the trailer to the absolute brim with everything a wild packhorse may need, and, to be sure, plenty that he doesn’t.

But where’s the fun in carrying only the essentials, eh?

Adios amigo
Adios amigo

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  1. Hi Dan, How fascinating—–coming across Wild Bill from the Pampas & then to authenticate this miracle you are staying with Jesus!!

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