A Little Help From My Friends

With A Little Help From My Friends I have managed to find the parts and fix the surfboard rack.

José my Porto Warm Showers host very kindly drove me to French home improvement giant Leroy Merlin to source the PVC pipe to replace the rack’s broken U-bend.

José massaging the PVC piping into place

The repair required:

  1. One meter of PVC pipe (the minimum length you can buy)
  2. One hacksaw
  3. One can of PVC pipe cement
  4. Two 90-degree bends
  5. One connector to join the two 90-degree bends
  6. Two amateur plumbers who referred to each other as Mario and Luigi throughout the build.


With white, black and now grey PVC piping she’s looking more Mad Max than ever

The standard PVC pipe size in England is 36mm. Leroy Merlin only stocked the Portuguese standard (32mm). Not to worry, we closed the four millimeter difference with a fetid combination of beer can pull-tabs, yellowy used earbuds and cat hair.

That should do it!

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