A Happy Casualty of Design

En route to Esposende, Portugal, I came across Clássicos Populares, situated at Antas. The shop had a wonderful array of Vespas, classic road bikes and motorcycles — some of my favourite things. And while I couldn’t speak with the owner, I managed to get some photographs for you, dear reader.

Clássicos Populares road frontage
Clássicos Populares road frontage
Hot dang I’d love to have that powder blue Vespa in me stable
A nice wee
Paris 1992
I like the wrap on the drop bars
Yessir I like the wrap on them drop bars (is that a Columbus Tubing sticker on the down tube?)
Fill ya boots! One for every day of the week to match ya underwear
Fill ya boots! One for every day of the week (note the sweet wee Marlboro Man sticker under the seat).
Old Love New Love
Old Love New Love

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